Aftercare for Lip Injections: DOs and DONT's

Aftercare for Lip Injections - Dos and Dont's

Looking to upgrade to a more kissable pout? Lip filler injections can help plump your lips with little downtime, and if well cared for pre- and post-lip filler, with little disruption to your lifestyle too.

And although the desired lip filler results may vary from person to person, there are some things everyone should do and avoid after getting their lips done.

We checked in with the team of lip augmentation specialists at California Cosmetics and put together the top aftercare recommendations for lip filler injections.

Follow the instructions provided by your injector

Before we jump into all the dos and don’ts after getting your lips done, please note that this blog highlights the general lip filler aftercare tips provided to us by expert injectors.

To ensure you achieve the lip augmentation results you desire, you need to take your injector’s advice to heart.

Aftercare Do’s for Lip Injections

Gently apply ice. Applying a clean ice pack gently to the injected sites (without adding pressure) 2-3 times a day can help to reduce swelling.

Remember to brush your teeth gently. Distorting the lips with vigorous brushing may lead to filler distortion, so its best to give your teeth a gentle clean for a day or two post-filler.

Drink lots of water and fluids. Hyaluronic acid (the main ingredient in some of the most popular lip filler products in the world such as JUVÉDERM®) binds with water in the body to increase its volumizing effect, therefore it is very important to keep your fluids up during your healing stages and far beyond.

Sleep on your back. Sleeping with your head elevated (on an extra pillow or two) will help avoid putting tension or pressure on your lips.

Use the right products. Applying lip filler-specific aftercare products designed to heal, conceal, and nourish lips post-filler, will not only help decrease the healing time, but will also help conceal any unwanted bruises while nourishing and hydrating the lips for optimal results.

Aftercare Don’ts for Lip Injections

Avoid smoking (altogether if you can). Not only can the act of smoking distort the filler, but cigarette smoke also interferes with healing (the reason why smoking is frowned upon for a few days before or after any invasive cosmetic procedure).

Don’t sleep face down on your pillow. This is to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your lips which can in turn displace the filler before it settles, so try to avoid this for about 2 days post-filler.

Ditch the alcohol for a few days: Alcohol thins the blood and can increase the risk of bruising, or cause existing bruising to worsen, so consider sticking to mocktails for 24 – 28 hours after your lip filler injections.

Avoid flying on a plane. The changes in air pressure can lead to increased bruising and swelling, so it's recommended to avoid flying in a plane for about a week post-filler.

Stay away from intense heat such as saunas, hot tubs, sunbathing, or tanning for 24 – 48 hours. Intense heat increases body temperature and blood circulation which can lead to increased swelling and bruising.

Postpone passionate kissing: This might interfere with how the lip fillers settle into your lips and should be avoided for at least 24 hours post-treatment.

Avoid scratching or picking around the injection sites. It is important to avoid touching your face too often in general, as the injection sites need to stay clean and free of bacteria during the healing stages.

Reconsider strenuous exercise for 24 - 48 hours. These activities can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, increasing swelling and bruising.

Move your dentist appointment: This can induce trauma and infection, so it’s best to wait two weeks after lip filler injections to have any dental work done.

Last but not least. Be patient with your final results.

Yes, you will see noticeable results straight after your appointment, but as the swelling (and possibly bruising) subsides and the filler starts to settle, so will your results.

This process generally takes about 3 – 4 weeks, after which you can opt for a follow-up appointment if you feel a “top-up” is required.

Until then, make the most of your lip augmentation care kit and fall in love with your lips all over again.



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