How To Handle Lip Filler Discomfort: Expert Tips

How To Handle Lip Filler Discomfort: Expert Tips

Lip fillers, also known as lip injections or dermal fillers, are injections that aim to increase the volume and fullness of your lips, and has become a hugely popular procedure over the last few years. Fuller lips have the potential to boost your confidence, and making small changes to the overall fullness of your lips can ultimately give you the added enhanced look you aspire to, desire and love. 

We are fortunate in this day and age to have access to treatments that enhance our natural beauty and these types of lip augmentation treatments are becoming more and more popular than ever before.

However, post lip augmentation aftercare seems to be something that can be somewhat overlooked in the process of manifesting those attractive and oh so kissable fuller lips.

After receiving lip fillers, you may experience some minor side effects.  These side effects are manageable with the right know how, coupled with the use of a high end care kit. They do not ultimately have to be something to stumble you up and unnecessarily put you off having lip fillers to begin with. 

Unfortunately with most surgical procedures, temporary side effects are common.  Swelling, bruising and general tenderness around the injected is normal.  Each of these side effects can be quite simply managed and shouldn’t feel overwhelming with the help of a professional (together with care kits tailored towards aftercare for lip injections).

Looking and feeling good during the recovery process has become much easier these days, thanks to a range of cosmetic products on the market, uniquely designed for post-filler treatment and recovery.

More than looking at key tips and tricks, such as colour, care kits and the likes, this article will provide you with sufficient information about lip filler aftercare; including some very simple, yet important, dos and don’ts.

This article is designed to leave you feeling comfortable and confident when entering your doctor’s office, allowing you to ask the right questions at the right time. 

An All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to Effective Pain Management

While the development of lip filler treatments have advanced significantly over the years, some element of discomfort is still however a natural part of what you could expect when going for lip filler injection treatment.

Managing Lip Discomfort

We have therefore broken the process down for you and formulated a go to list of how to manage any discomfort effectively.

There are various medication recommendations available to you and speaking to a medical professional about what options you have in managing pain in your lip augmentation aftercare journey is an important conversation you should have upfront.

Pain thresholds vary from person to person, and this can depend on biological factors, such as nerve sensitivity; psychological factors, such as perception and interpretation of pain; as well as past experiences that ultimately shape our response to pain and discomfort. 

Bearing in mind that pain perception is subjective and is sure to vary from one person to the next, what may be seemingly unbearable to one person may be managed by another.  This is where we unpack the pain management and how to shift into a mind frame that can best manage the discomfort:

Staying Informed

Obtaining information around a lip filler procedure can seem daunting at first.  However, learning as much as possible about a procedure can also alleviate any unnecessary worries you may have and remove doubt.  This will put you in a better mental framework, and provide with the various steps in lip augmentation aftercare as well as anything that you may need to do (or more importantly don’t do) prior to treatment. 


We love to push healthy communication within our personal relationships, but often stumble when sitting face to face with our doctor. 

It can be intimidating, but we encourage healthy communication and transparency with your healthcare professional. 

Discussing your concerns and fears with your doctor can allow them to answer any of your questions (no matter how bizarre they may seem) and provide you with the reassurance you require before going in for your treatment. 

Jot down a list of questions you have prior to your consultation and take the list into your consult and refer back to it (you would be surprised at how some of these can slip your mind once you’re in the consultation rooms).

Ensure you walk out with none of your  questions unanswered. Be direct and self-assured in doing so, remembering you are the client and they have a moral obligation to answer your questions honestly and ethically.

This is something that will later provide you with the necessary assurance. Rule out any myths or debunk any industry misconceptions around risks of having your lips done.

Relaxation Techniques

We have found some effortless relaxation techniques such as deep conscious breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices that can work wonders in obtaining a clear mindset, these practices reduce anxiety and promote an overall sense of inner peace and calm. Simple, free and effective practices are often the best. Let’s not overcomplicate it.

Visualizing Positive Outcomes

You may have heard of manifestation practices.  This technique promotes spending some time (alone) visualizing a successful outcome (in this case, of your lip filler journey). 

By taking the time to imagine yourself feeling pain free, comfortable, beautiful and confident, one can create a positive visualization. These visualizations can aid in promoting a positive mindset.

More and more people are using visualization therapy in achieving the mindset they are looking for in all aspects of their lives.

Support System

Creating a reliable support system can most certainly put your mind at ease having people around you that support you (whether its friends or family or even a pet) your feelings of isolation will likely subside.  

Even if you decide on one close friend to confide in during your journey, this will give you a level of comfort that no medication can provide.

Prepare Your Environment

Take some time out in repairing your environment for post treatment, providing a space that encourages comfort and relaxation (even if that space is merely a room or area in your home). 

Surround yourself with things that soothe you, whether it’s your favorite novel or a TV show you find interesting.  What works for one may not work for the other, you may prefer some gentle music or just hanging out and spending some quality time with your pooch.  You will know what works for you.

Trust The Professionals

Remind yourself that you are in the care of a trained and studied healthcare professional.  This individual ultimately has your best interests at heart in wanting to achieve the desired outcome that you are looking for in your lip augmentation journey.  Find a good balance of following their gut and asking the right questions when you feel unsure or untrusting.

Self-Care As Your No.1 Priority

Prioritize self-care practices such as getting enough rest, eating nutrient dense foods, engaging activities that bring you joy (bearing in mind the no exercise rule).  Taking care of yourself physically certainly impacts healthy and elevated overall mental well-being.

Self-care looks different to everyone.  You may find your solace in going shopping, getting a pedicure, speaking to a dear friend or having some quiet time to yourself. Choose something that elevates your mood.

Pain Medication

Ensuring you proactively consult with a medical practitioner before going ahead with your lip filler injection. 

Being aware that certain types of medication have the potential to thin your blood (such as aspirin and/or ibuprofen).  It is highly recommended to always stay completely transparent with your healthcare professional about what medication you are currently on, no matter how insignificant you may think it is.

This will only aid you in the long term to ensure the success of your overall lip augmentation journey and harmonious healing process. Understanding your own pain thresholds and tolerance levels can certainly assist your healthcare professional in developing a customized approach to managing pain and tailor treatments based on your individual requirements. 

Don’t be shy to open up about your concerns and your individual attitude towards pain management in the form of pharmaceuticals.  Remind yourself that your body is your own and you should be the ultimate decision maker around how best to navigate the pain management process in your journey to fuller, desirable and healthy looking lips.

Final Note

A little reminder that we all differ and we all have our own unique and individual needs and preferences which very well may differ from person to person.

So find what works best for you, filter out what you would like to incorporate and when in doubt, address any specific concerns with your healthcare professional prior to treatment. 

Although there are numerous lip care products to aid in the actual treatment preparation process, your mindset remains key factor in the successful preparation of your lip augmentation journey.


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