Is it a good idea to use Vaseline after getting lip fillers?

Is It Good To Use Vaseline After Lip Fillers?

Doctors will typically advise that you don’t use any lipstick in the initial 24-48 hour period after your lip injections (although a good
lip filler aftercare kit is always a good idea).

Most lip fillers on the market today contain a natural substance called Hyaluronic acid, which is already found in our skin and helps to draw in moisture.

By injecting more Hyaluronic acid into your lips - which is the typical lip augmentation procedure - you not only make them plumper, but more hydrated.

What can sometimes happen however is - although you are hydrating beneath the skin - you may actually see the opposite results on your skin’s surface ie: dry or chapped lips in the proceeding days after your lip filler treatment.  

As mentioned above, a good set of lip filler aftercare cosmetics can help rehydrate your lips – without causing any additional aggravation, and it’s advisable to use both before and after your treatment.

But what about Vaseline? Is it a good substance to use after getting lip injections?

The short answer is yes – it’s quite an effective and safe way to treat any lip dryness after your treatment.

As it’s quite thick and “neutral”, it can be easily applied without causing any discomfort to your (often sensitive at this stage) lips.

Alternatively, you can also use any moisturizer containing Vitamin E, as these are also quite effective when it comes to treating dry lips.

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