Luxury Lip Care 101: Your Plumpest Pout Ever With These Expert Tips

Luxury Lip Care 101: Your Plumpest Pout Ever With These Expert Tips

When your lips feel good, they look good. And when it comes to luscious lips, a little extra-credit lip care goes a long way.

At the end of the day, you can wear as many lip shades or glosses as you want, but if your lips are not in a great condition, they're not going to look their best. Needless to say, the application is not going to be a smooth ride either.

But a few small tweaks can take your lip love routine (and the look and feel of your lips) to the next level.

This simple, yet luxurious lip care routine will help your lips stay in tip-top shape — no matter the reason or the season.

Lip Care From The Inside Out

Lay back on lip-licking

We know, we all do it (accidentally), but if you constantly have dry and chapped lips, chances are, your lip licking is to blame.

You might think that licking your lips keeps them from getting flaky and chapped, but, in reality, it makes them even drier. Your saliva moistens the lips momentarily but soon evaporates, leaving them drier than before. This is because your saliva has digestive enzymes which wear down the skin on your lips and thus dry out your lips.

When the urge strikes again, rather reach for your lip hydrator.

Hydrate from the inside out

One of the best, yet ignored, lip care tips that you can follow is to stay hydrated. What happens inside your body often reflects on the outside, and this is true for lips too. Drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water each day should be your goal.

Massage your lips:

Ah, massage… One of the easiest ways to promote blood circulation. And with new blood, comes fresh oxygen, and everything else cells need to renew. Now apply that massage principle (gently) to your lips and see what happens. A natural rosy sheen. However, be very gentle with your massage as the lips are delicate, and always follow lip-massage instructions for your injector if you had or plan on getting your lips done.

Expert tips on luxury lip care


Step-by-step lip care routine 

There are three parts to a luxurious lip care routine: exfoliation, hydration and lipstick application. Here is a lip care routine trusted and recommended by professionals, especially to those who dabble in the world of lip filler injections.

Lip exfoliation

Exfoliating your lips can help eliminate some of the dry, flaking skin that builds up and immediately restore some shine, softness, and smoothness. If you’ve ever attempted a flawless lipstick look with dry, chapped lips, you’ll understand why this step comes in at number 1.

But simply abrading the lips to remove dead skin is just not good enough. The skin on the lips is thin, thinner than anywhere on your entire body, and it doesn’t contain any sebaceous (oil) glands. So yes, it needs a special kind of lip-love.

The ARMÉE Lip Scrub contains jojoba oil and shea butter for a gentle, yet moisturising exfoliation experience. And is ideal to use in preparation for your lip augmentation procedure too! With any lip scrub, it is important to exfoliate gently. Use a circular motion to “rub” the skin on the lips, and be careful not to irritate or break the skin

Lip hydration

In our world, hyaluronic acid will always be a buzzword. Why? Known as a humectant, it is able to hold a thousand times its weight in water. When applied topically to the skin it can draw water in from the atmosphere, locking them in, and leaving the skin plumped, and hydrated.

It also aids with the skin’s barrier protection against exposure to free radicals, such a UV rays, pollution, and other environmental aggressors, all of which causes damage to the skin.

You can see why we chose hyaluronic acid as the top pick for optimal lip hydration, right?

Now combine the power of hyaluronic acid with arnica, antioxidants and a touch-free cooling applicator, and you’ll get something special. The ARMÉE Lip Hydrator.

This unique formulation helps infuses your lips with intense hydration and is recommended by our partnered injectors to use prior to your lip augmentation procedure for a boost of moisture. With the addition of arnica and antioxidants, it also aids in the healing of possible bruising and swelling after lip augmentation procedures, and keeps them smooth and plump long after.

Lipstick application

When you ask a make-up artist for tips on how to apply lipstick flawlessly every time, they will all say the same thing. Start by exfoliating and hydrating your lips. We’ve got that covered. They will then go on to explain the importance of various brushes and applicators, lip lining techniques, contouring details, and tracing tactics. What is important to us, is the quality of products used. As mentioned before, if your lips feel good, they will look good.

From synthetic waxes and silicone oil, to preserving chemicals and synthetic fragrances, there is so much to avoid when it comes to your favorite pop of color. Even more so when you can’t withstand a mesmerizing matte lip! We know how drying (some) matte lipsticks can be.

Luckily, for that too, there is a (gorgeous) solution. ARMÉE’s Matte Liquid Lipstick was specifically developed to bridge the aesthetic and cosmetic fields to give your lips a beautiful pigment with lasting matte coverage, while keeping them soft, silky, and moisturized.

With the inclusion of superior pigment, natural humectants, and candelilla plant wax extracts, it not only offers excellent coverage but also aids in lip hydration and cell renewal for the smooth and luxurious finishing touch we’ve all been looking for!

It’s time to Conquer Your Day, not matter what shape your journey takes.

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