Shimmering Through the Holidays: Your Ultimate Holiday Makeup Guide

Your Ultimate Holiday Makeup Guide

As the holiday season approaches, there’s a special kind of magic in the air. It’s a time when we gather with loved ones, exchange gifts, and, of course, attend festive parties and celebrations. What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than by adding a touch of trendy glamour to your makeup?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create our favourite trending holiday looks that will make you shine and sparkle through the season. We’ll also introduce you to some of the latest offerings from ARMÉE Cosmetics, ensuring that your holiday makeup is nothing short of spectacular.

So, let’s dive into the world of beauty and discover how you can light up your holidays with makeup magic!

Our Top 2023 Winter Makeup Trends

 Winter has arrived, but if you're still captivated by fall beauty trends, there's no hurry to transition. The predominant beauty trends for winter 2023 will retain echoes of autumn's beloved styles, such as dark gothic vibes. Additionally, influences from the spring runways have begun to blend in. Factor in the festive spirit of the holidays, and the upcoming beauty season promises to be delightful. Explore five runway-inspired trends set to dominate winter 2023.

  1. Bold and Bare

Recent runways for the fall/winter season showcased prevalent trends dark, bold lips, evident in shows like Alice and Olivia, Heron Preston, and Christian Dior. At New York Fashion Week, makeup artists emphasized that the key to making this striking look more approachable is to complement it with minimal makeup on the rest of the face, ensuring the focus remains on the lips.

Athena Dust Matte Liquid Lipstick

Our favorite bold lips is the Athena Dust Matte Liquid Lipstick. This fiercely feminine, yet majestic shade boasts superior pigment, natural humectants, and candelilla plant wax extracts, ensuring it not only offers excellent coverage but also aids in lip hydration and cell renewal for a luxurious finishing touch.

  1. Fuller Lips Illusion

While lip fillers are currently in vogue, achieving fuller-looking lips doesn't necessarily require injections. Opt for a dark lip liner to define your lips, and if you're skilled, overlining is a viable option. Proceed to fill your lips with a lighter lip shade, seamlessly blending it with the liner. To enhance fullness, apply a light concealer shade to the center of your lips and blend it thoroughly.

Fuller Lips Illusion

  1. Go For Gloss

We do love a glossy lip, but sadly, conventional lip glosses are the most toxic cosmetic out there. Why? They are loaded with ingredients like lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, chromium, and cadmium, not to mention parabens and phthalates galore. Not only are these toxins absorbed through our skin, but we ingest them constantly.

Go For Gloss

That’s why ARMÉE Cosmetics designed a nutritive lip hydrator that not only includes liploving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, but also provides a silky sheen to any of your favorite lipsticks.

Found in all ARMÉE Lip Care Kits, this intensive lip hydrator is a product not to miss this winter.

  1. Major Lashes

We know, it is not always all about the lips… And the latest runways agree! In the realm of lashes, this winter is all about going bigger, longer, and embracing extra drama, as seen on makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench and models at the Prada and Chet Lo fall/winter 2023 runways.

Embrace Major Lashes This Holiday Season

Elevate your lashes to the forefront by either applying numerous coats of mascara - embracing a clumpy texture - or affixing false eyelashes in playful shapes, akin to French's distinctive look. For a lavish artificial lash display, we recommend visiting California Cosmetics’ online store.

  1. Plump Perfection

Winter is often not kind to lips and forces us to show a little more lip love than usual. But more often than never, the winter lip solutions leave our lips flakier than before. Well, no more! ARMÉE’s hydrating lip treatment was designed by some of the world’s top aesthetic specialists and was done so specifically for lips. This 3-step treatment includes a microcrystal sugar lip scrub and intensive lip hydrator (found in all ARMÉE Lip Care Kits), as well as a moisturising collagen lip mask to seal in the treatment deal.

Step 1: gently exfoliate your lips with the sugar lip scrub

Step 2: apply the intensive lip hydrator liberally

Step 3: apply the collagen lip mask and leave on for 10 minutes

Hydrating Lip Treatment

And voila, silky-smooth, plump lips – ready for any occasion. 

Cover any post injection bruises from the family this holiday. Show a bruise cover up using color corrector, foundation, MLL and Lip liner (use video already created in smug) 

  1. Bye-bye Bruising

Although not a 2023 makeup trend, facing the world with post-procedure bruising is never in vogue. And luckily there are lip-specific solutions to this as well.

In the ARMÉE Lip Care Kits you will find a never-seen-before product. The Dual-ended Correcting Lip Concealer. This concealer is designed to assist you in addressing the different stages of bruising that may arise on your lips and the surrounding skin following a procedure. It contains a peachy side to cover dark bruises and the lavender side for the concealment of yellow or lighter bruises.

Correcting Lip Concealer

Want to up your gifting game this holiday? Explore ARMÉE’s special offers (available until December 31st, 2023, for lip-loving gift ideas.

ARMÉE Special Offers

Lip Filler Aftercare Cosmetics - Special Offers

You can also bundle your favorites and get a Lip Care Kit, Lip Liner, and Lip Mask Compact (valued at $186.50) for ONLY $125!

Want more than one lip shade? No problem! Make use of the Lip Color Bundle and get 2 x Matte Liquid Lipsticks, 2 x Lip Liners, and a Lip Mask Compact (valued at $100) for ONY $65.

If you’re serious about lip love and want all the bells and whistles, we recommend the Mega Lip Bundle which include a Lip Care Kit, 2 x Matte Liquid Lipsticks, 3 x Lip Liners, an individual travel-sized Collagen Lip Mask, and a Lip Mask Compact (valued at $269.50) for only $175!

Mega Lip Care Bundles On Sale Now

Whether you’re aim is to stay on trend, focus on winter lip health, or gift something fun, new, and memorable – ARMÉE Cosmetics will keep you shimmering through the holidays!

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