The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Lip Glow-up

Ultimate Valentine's Day Glow Up

If there was ever a time for the most velvety, seamless, and alluring pout, the month of love is it! Well, February is here, and it is time to let ARMÉE be your glam accomplice in the ultimate lip love game!

In this blog we are unveiling ARMÉE’s top 3 beauty secrets and lip glow-up tips for your most beautiful Valentine’s lips ever.

1. Pout Perfection: The Lip Kit Love Affair

Let’s unveil the romance behind ARMÉE’s most loved product, the Lip Augmentation Care Kit. Those who know, know that this is an essential companion for the ultimate Valentine’s lip glow-up. From the tantalizing microcrystal lip preparation to the magic of healing lip hydration, it is a true lip love story waiting to unfold.

So, what makes this lip kit so adored? It’s unique lip-specific 4-step system designed specifically for augmented lips.

ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Augmentation Care Kit

The ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Augmentation Care Kit includes 4 specialized products designed to optimize your lip filler journey and results in more ways than one. Let’s take a closer look at each and how to apply them for your most beautiful results.


Step one allows you to indulge in the luxurious experience of a softening sugar lip scrub, enriched with the nourishing qualities of jojoba oil, shea butter, and mango seed butter. This scrub delicately exfoliates your lips, removing dead skin in preparation of your lip augmentation procedure, allowing your lips to better expand into the additional volume that awaits. Post-procedure, this scrub aids in maintaining a velvety smooth feel, ensuring your lips look and feel their best after settling and healing.

ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Scrub


Step two allows you to experience the ultimate in lip hydration, delivering an extra perk eagerly anticipated by lip filler enthusiasts. Packed with the coveted blend of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, it goes beyond expectations by featuring arnica—an essential component post-lip injection procedure. This distinctive formula not only preps your lips with profound moisture before your procedure but also assists in the recovery from potential bruising and swelling thereafter, ensuring continuous hydration for a luscious feel.

ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Hydrator


Crafted with ingenuity, this dual-ended concealer is your ally in addressing the diverse phases of bruising that might manifest on your lips and the surrounding skin post-procedure. Wondering how it works? Step three in this lip care kit routine utilizes the science of color. The peach end conceals dark bruises, while the lavender end conceals yellow or lighter bruises, making sure all stages of post-procedure bruising is covered as and when you need it.

ARMÉE Cosmetics Concealer


Created to seamlessly merge the aesthetics and cosmetics fields, this one-of-a-kind lipstick formulation not only provides beautiful pigment and matte coverage, but also continuous lip-loving moisture thanks to the addition of candelilla wax. Whether it's post-procedure or in everyday use, the fourth and final step in this lip care kit routine is poised to become your cherished final touch. Which of these fiercely feminine shades would you choose for Valentine’s Day?

2. Vegan Kisses: The Lip Liner Love Affair

This latest addition to ARMÉE’s aesthetic cosmetic range will allow you to truly define your beauty love story... Kiss the new range of Vegan Lip Liners “hello”.

These long-wearing companions are thoughtfully crafted to match perfectly with the Matte Liquid Lipsticks, giving your lips a high-definition, 2D look for a Valentine’s lip glow-up like no other.

“Is a lip liner really necessary?”, you might ask. Well, yes, especially if you’re aiming for a flawless Valentine’s lip look.

The aim of a lip liner is to pigment and outline your lips to create definition and dimension (or added volume). Tracing your lip area with liner also serves as an outline as you glide on your favorite lipstick and in turn prevents it from feathering, creating a long-wearing and striking lip look.

On The Go Glow Up

3. Lip Love Compact: The On-the-go Glow-up

Our third beauty secret truly elevates the lip hydration game... With ARMÉE’s Lip Mask Compact, each collagen lip mask is a kiss of love, perfect for the extra care required pre- and post-lip augmentation. This cute little compact is the ultimate on-the-go lip hydration treatment for soft, smooth lips that steal the Valentine's spotlight.

To make the most of your collagen lip mask routine, we recommend:

a) Gently exfoliate your lips with the Sugar Lip Scrub
b) Apply a generous amount of the Intensive Lip Hydrator
c) Apply your Collagen Lip Mask and leave for 5 – 10 minutes to allow the hydrator to deeply penetrate

And voila, beautifully soft and plump lips, ready for any Valentine’s date.

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