Top Lip Liner Tips and Tricks for Expert Contouring

Gone are the days when lip liner was merely a '90s fad; it has evolved into a crucial element of every makeup regimen. By accentuating your lips, it can provide a fuller and more defined look, as well as keep your favorite lipstick intact. Nonetheless, for those who feel intimidated by lip liner, fret not! We're here to offer practical tips that will effortlessly integrate lip liner into your daily reshaping and contouring routine.

Lip Liner Selection Tips:

While it's common to choose a lip liner that closely matches your lipstick shade, this method is most effective when your goal is to outline and lock in the lipstick formula. However, if you desire a more plump-looking pout, it's better to opt for a contrasting lip liner color.

For example, if you're wearing a nude lipstick (such as ARMÉE’s Nefertiti Nude, consider using the Dust Lip Liner by ARMÉE Cosmetics to create a captivating contrast that instantly adds volume to your lips.

When selecting a lip liner that matches your natural lip color for a subtle, no-makeup makeup appearance, it's important to consider your skin's undertones. Ensure you choose a shade that complements your complexion rather than clashes with it.

Top Lip Liner Tips and Tricks for Expert Contouring

Perfecting Lip Liner as a Base:

Your lip liner can serve as an ideal foundation for your preferred clear or neutral gloss. Or even better, for your ARMÉE Cosmetics Lip Hydrator (if you are into serious lip health). Once you've outlined your lips, simply fill in the remaining area with the liner. You'll be amazed at how stunning the result will be.

Additionally, lip liners are known for their excellent longevity, making them an excellent primer for your lipstick. By using them as a base, you can enhance the staying power of your lipstick, ensuring that your formula lasts even longer.

Lip liner tips and tricks

Creating Fuller-looking Lips with Lip Liner:

Become a lip lining expert by selecting a lip liner that complements your natural lip color as well as your favorite matte shade. To create the illusion of fuller lips, you can achieve it by using two different shades. Choose a slightly darker shade to outline the edges of your lips and a nude shade that perfectly suits your skin tone to fill in the remaining lip area.

Begin by using your liner pencil to carefully outline the outer edge of your bottom lip, and then delicately shape your Cupid's bow for a truly luxurious pout. Follow the natural contours of both sides of your lips before applying your matte lipstick to the center. For an intensified mattified appearance, we recommend extending the darker shade slightly over the sides of your bottom lip. This technique will truly enhance the overall effect and bring your desired look to perfection.

Achieve perfect contouring with these lip liner tips and tricks

Master the Lip Liner Lip Flip Hack:

If you haven't experimented with the 'lip flip' technique yet, we're here to share the secrets behind Kim Kardashian's makeup artist’s plump pout trick… Using only a liner that matches your natural lip shade and some setting powder, you can achieve the illusion of lifted lips.

Begin by overlining the center of your bottom lip and your Cupid's bow, while staying within your natural lip line towards the outer corners. This will create the appearance of fuller lips. To further enhance the effect, apply a matte lipstick. If you anticipate a long night ahead, set your lips with translucent powder to ensure a smudge-free look that lasts.

Prep Your Lips for Smooth Perfection:

Lip scrubbing is an often-overlooked step when it comes to lip liner and lipsticks looking fabulous and lasting all day. By exfoliating the lips, it removes dead skin cells and promotes a smoother texture, providing an even canvas for lipstick application.

Scrubbing helps to eliminate dryness, flakiness, and chapped areas, allowing lip liner and lipstick to glide on effortlessly and evenly. It enhances the lip liner and lipstick's adherence, preventing it from settling into fine lines or emphasizing imperfections.

Exfoliating your lips also stimulates blood circulation, leading to plumper-looking lips. With regular lip scrubbing, your lip liner and lipstick will also appear more vibrant, stay on longer, and achieve a flawless, polished finish, making your pout truly stand out.

Practical lip contouring tipcs

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