What Not To Do After Lip Filler Injections, And Why

What Not To Do After Getting Lip Fillers, And Why

Few of us were born with a pair of plump, full lips, but that shouldn’t prevent us from getting the perfect pout. While lip injections are a quick and easy cosmetic procedure available to achieve truly kissable lips, there are definitely some dos and don’ts after getting a filler treatment.

Here are five important things not to do after getting lip filler injections: 

Is it safe to eat after lip filler injections?

Yes, you can eat after getting your lips done, but there are a couple of things to consider when the appetite strikes.

If you decided to opt for topic anesthetic (numbing) during treatment, it is best to wait for these effects to wear off completely. As you’ve probably noticed after your last dental appointment, eating while numb can be rather difficult, sometimes even dangerous, and most often a little embarrassing in a crowd.

It's also best to avoid messy foods that require “skill to consume”. Think saucy wraps and sticky chicken wings. To help avoid any infection post-filler, it is important to keep the face clean during the initial healing phase and to avoid touching, rubbing, and wiping the area.

Last but not least, ditch the salt and spice (just for a little while). Salty or spicy foods can irritate the lips and cause you to touch or rub your lips. Two actions that are best avoided for the first 24 – 48 hours post-lip augmentation.

In summary: Keep your lips clean and stick to foods that are easy to bite and chew. 

Can you wash your face after getting lip fillers?

Although it is important to keep your face clean after getting lip filler injections, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Use skincare products that are gentle on the skin, and stick to products designed specifically for lips. Bonus points if your lip filler aftercare includes lip filler aftercare products designed specifically for the lip augmentation journey!

Be mindful when applying your products though, and avoid lip exfoliation products for a day or two after your lip augmentation.

If you do end up in the shower after, it's best to keep the temperatures down. Ensure your water temperate is lukewarm and avoid using steam rooms, saunas, or hot tubs for at least two days post-filler. Why? Hot temperatures can increase blood flow and blood pressure, which can lead to increased bruising and bruising.

Smoking and vaping after lip fillers

Some studies have shown that smoking can increase your risk of infection after getting lip fillers, so it should be avoided. Smoking (and vaping) also causes your lips to pucker, which can apply pressure on the lips, and this can ultimately affect the final result

Smoking is also known to dry out the skin and has been linked to premature aging, so it’s best to refrain from smoking indefinitely, or for at least 24 – 48 hours after getting lip fillers.

Can you exercise after lip fillers?

Unfortunately not, for at least 24 to 48 hours post-filler.

Firstly, sweating can lead to infection, so avoiding exercise for a couple of days will help reduce bruising and swelling as well as the risk of infection.

Strenuous exercise after filler injections could cause the product to migrate. When products are injected, different proteins diffuse to the treatment area. An increase in blood flow during a workout can metabolize the product before the diffusion is complete, causing it to move to places it shouldn’t be.

Some light walking is okay, but it’s best to avoid anything that makes you break a sweat.

Can you drink alcohol after lip filler injections?

It might seem fitting to celebrate your new pout with a cocktail (or two), but any respectable injector will advise against it. Alcohol is a blood thinner, which will cause the blood vessels to dilate and increase the risk of extensive bruising or swelling in the treatment area. 

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